Videos from 2013 – 2017

Documentation of «A Correct Time Does Exist», installation exhibited at «Hatch 10 år» in Kristiansand

Documentation of my BA work in Oslo National Academy of the Arts’ Bachelor exhibition «Avgang»

«In a relationship between the physical body and its technological representation, synchronicity and coincidences occur, which trigger small perceptive shifts, allowing the re-evaluation of unconscious patterns. »

Time set Mindset, 2016
Sound by Anton Jawdokimov

Documentation of visuals I did for the band Astrosaur in may, 2016.

Documentation of visuals I did for the band Astrosaur in may, 2016.

The video shows me stepping on a grid-like bathroom floor in an exaggerated manner. The grid symbolizes a manmade construction or system. Repetition of movements as both individual, automated, necessary as well as unnecessary at times, can mirror how a society acts through cultural traditions, rituals and habits.

The repeated act of clapping ones hands together in order to make sound, is an international symbol for appreciation and enthusiasm, but can also be used ironically. The act is automated and contagious in situations where a group of people are gathered. The effect of the applaus is dependent on the degree of synchronization.

Videoen «Pustepause» viser en person som løper, sett ovenfra i førstepersons-perspektiv, overlagt to lydspor.
I det ene lydsporet høres den opprinnelige lyden fra opptaket, forvrengt. I det andre høres en robotaktig stemme som repeterer ett ord; “løp”.
Stemmen er hentet fra Google Translates uttale-funksjon. Ordet “løp” er skrevet inn gjentagende, uten mellomrom, komma eller andre tegn.
Denne uttale-funksjonen man skulle tro var forutsigbar stopper opp og tar pauser av seg selv, tilsynelatende tilfeldig.
Sammenliknet med den dynamiske løpingen som fremstår maskinell, oppstår en kontrast, og den programmerte funksjonen blir menneskeliggjort, som om den trenger pustepauser.


The gentrification process of Grünerløkka in Oslo has been ongoing for about 20 years, and has drastically altered the area. Much like other urban, working class districts in big cities around the world, the locals are driven out by increasing rent, expensive surrounding businesses or destruction of older buildings.

In this video, shot in my backyard, a demolition machine is tearing down an old factory, in favour of a new, factory-like, New York inspired apartment complex. The sound clips are from a protest in Shoreditch, London, where an anarchist mob attacks an overpriced cereal café in protest against the gentrification process of the area.
The audio was taken from both outside and inside the café, where its owners have locked the doors, and are calling the police.
The visuals and the audio are somewhat synchronized, but contradicts in a way, so that the protesters seem to be representing the demolition machine, whilst the café owners are linked to the building, as if they were the victims of the process itself. A protest like this one in London, is not very likely to happen in Oslo.


Music video I made for Kari Harneshaug.
Official music video, january 2016.

Video filmed through binoculars, from 2013


Me and Anton Jawdokimov’s video collaboration «Time set mindset» at Agder Kunstsenter in Kristiansand, for the exhibition «Hatch», 2016:


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