Collaboration with Viktor Pedersen, who made the text and sound for this work.

To see without man is a performative poetry reading with music and visuals. The work tells the story of an attempt to recognize plants as intelligent beings, and overcome the human need to project ourselves onto nature. Old scientific and philosophical ideas have long affected the Western view of nature. For example, it has been thought that organisms in nature, such as plants, only operate on the basis of chemical and mechanical reactions. Today, biology scientists, such as Monica Gagliano, have begun to challenge this worldview. Through experiments, she has documented that plants can memorize and imagine, something she thinks demonstrates a subjectivity in the plants.
The videos visual part consists of photogrammetry scanned specific plants in the Solanum genus, like the Belladonna, the Henbane and the Tobacco plant.

The work will premiere this autumn as part of Screen City Biennial 2022. A short excerpt is available below.